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Shipping connects your business to your customers and colleagues.
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Experience the Worldwide Express Shipping Community

Your freight and small parcel shipments make an important statement about your company. That means your shipping service needs to be as good as you are – and at a value that fits your budget. But running a small to medium-sized business leaves little time to find and select shipping carriers, compare service options, negotiate shipping rates or deal with challenges. Let alone research trends and plan for tomorrow.

That's where an expert third-party logistics (3PL) provider like Worldwide Express can help. We have a long history as a leader in the logistics industry, and we've built relationships with thousands of customers by helping them simplify their shipping operations and develop smart strategies that grow with their business.

Make award-winning shipping a part of your brand identity. We're ready to help.

Your personal, practical 3PL provider

Most 3PL companies connect you with a carrier network. Worldwide Express does more for small to mid-size businesses, providing personal support, knowledge and resources, plus:

A one-on-one relationship with a local logistics expert who will get to know you, your business and your shipping operations

Logistics insights that help you uncover issues, discover opportunities and solve challenges

Ongoing support from at-the-ready, friendly customer service teams who will answer questions and provide solutions
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Worldwide Express Shipping Community

Enjoy the Negotiating Power of A 3PL Industry Leader

As a single small business, you may find it challenging to get shipping services at discounted rates. Worldwide Express can help. Our portfolio of small and medium-sized companies makes us attractive to shipping carriers, and our logistics experience helps bond connections. You get expert guidance from our consultants and competitive rates from industry-leading carriers, typically saved for larger companies.
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Building 3PL Relationships

Freight Shipping

Our network of nationwide carriers give you access to a wide range of shipping services tailored for your FTL, LTL, international and specialty freight shipments. Plus, we offer shipping insurance and convenient shipping tools for ease and peace of mind.
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Our Network Of Freight Carriers

You’ll have access to nearly 85,000 truckload (FTL) and 75-plus less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carriers nationwide. We vet each one before accepting them into our network, and regularly audit them to help ensure you’re getting high-quality service at the best value for your budget.
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3PL Committed To Relationships

Small Parcel Shipping

Our alliance with UPS® gives you the benefits of full-service shipping and discounted rates on express and ground shipping services. And with us by your side, you’ll gain insight into how different choices can make your operations run more smoothly.
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