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General Shipping Resources

Industry Insights and Best Practices for Business Shippers
Why is my international shipment stuck at customs?

Why is my international shipment stuck at customs?

Learn about the top reasons why you may experience international shipments and packages stuck at customs. 
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Post Peak Season Shipping Checklist

How To Evaluate Your Peak Season Shipping Success

There are many lessons to be learned from peak season shipping. We have a checklist of questions to get you started!
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3PL Partner Dedicated Customer Success

Worldwide Express is dedicated to your success!

Find out how Worldwide Express utilizes its expertise to build relationships that lead to success for shippers like you.
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Our Parcel Freight Shipping Benefits

Shipping Parcel & Freight With Worldwide Express

Learn how Worldwide Express can help you with profits and efficiency by utilizing both freight and parcel shipping.
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3PL Companies Interview Questions

Questions To Ask When Interviewing 3PL Companies

Not all 3PLs are the same. That’s why it’s important to know which questions to ask them during the interview process.
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Case Studies

Shipping Solution Success Stories and Case Studies

Worldwide Express helps companies with shipping solutions. Read stories of how we solved their difficult challenges.
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How To Become a Shipper of Choice With Our Help!

How to become a shipper of choice with our help!

Learn how Worldwide Express helps companies become a shipper of choice and get products moved when capacity is tight.
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Offset Fuel Surcharges

How can I offset high shipping fuel surcharges?

Here are some of our top tips and tricks to cope with high fuel prices on your shipping.
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Choosing A B2B Logistics Company

Is a B2B 3PL right for your business?

Learn about the key benefits of using a 3PL partner for your B2B logistics solutions and how to select the right one.
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What is a 3PL vs Freight Broker

3PL vs. freight broker: Which is right for you?

Learn the difference between a 3PL and a freight broker, and how your business can benefit from their services.
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What Is A Transportation Management System

What is a transportation management system?

Read our guide to learn how a transportation management system can streamline your company’s shipping operations.
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What Is Reverse Logistics?

What is reverse logistics?

Learn how to regain value on returns by reintroducing them or selling their recyclable parts through reverse logistics.
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Become Shipper Of Choice In Freight Capacity Crisis

9 Tips on How To Become a Shipper of Choice

When capacity is tight, carriers can be selective. Follow these best practices so your shipments don’t get left behind.
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Canada Mexico International Shipping Explained

Breaking Down the Borders on Cross-Border Shipping

Shipping to Canada and Mexico can be complicated. Go confidently with these international freight shipping tips.
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6 Keys to Safe Hazmat Shipping

Do you need help with hazmat shipping?

Use our guide as your compass to focus on what matters and build the right processes to ship hazardous materials safely.
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Disaster Recovery Plan for Shipping

Be Ready With a Disaster Recovery Plan for Shipping

Be ready with a plan that covers your shipping logistics operations during emergencies and unplanned events.
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Shipping Budgeting Tips

Break the Bank, Not Your Budget

Take a look at our budgeting tips to reduce unforeseen costs and identify strategies for smarter, leaner shipping.
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12 Keys to Smarter Shipping

Beat the Clock: 12 Time Management Tips

Here are 12 small-business shipping tips to jumpstart your shipping strategy and put you on a path to smarter shipping.
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5 Ways to Prep for the Holiday Shipping Rush

5 Ways To Prep for the Holiday Shipping Rush

Do you have a holiday shipping plan? Here are five strategies to help you get ready for the holiday rush.
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3 Common Misconceptions of Third-Party Logistics

Debunking Third-Party Logistics Criticisms

A third-party logistics partner eases many shipping burdens. We know some people are doubters. Let’s talk about it.
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Understanding Shipping Claims

Cut the Confusion Out of Shipping Claims

Do you know what to do when it’s time to file a claim? Here’s our breakdown so you're ready when shipments hit the fan.
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Turn Small Business Shipping into a Profit Center

Turn Small-Business Shipping Into a Profit Center

Shipping is a necessary expense, but a creative strategy can help bring in revenue. Here’s how to get started.
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State of the Industry

Top Trends Shaping the Shipping Industry in 2021

Take a look at our state of the industry perspectives to make the most of the new year by learning from the past.
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Your Shipping Invoice Explained

Your Shipping Invoice Explained

Invoices can be great resources for planning your shipping strategy. Here’s what all the details mean.
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8 Reasons We’re Shipping Experts

Your Small Package Shipping Experts

Your business needs a 3PL. We have 8 reasons why we’re your small package shipping partner of choice.
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Can I Really Ship That?

A 3PL answers: Can I really ship that?

Shipping out-of-the-ordinary items is tricky, which is why you need the right partner.
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How to Choose the Right Carrier

Choose the Right Shipping Carrier: 5 Steps to Success

Do you need help evaluating shipping carriers? These five steps can help you choose the right one.
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Do You Need A 3PL

E-guide: Do you need a 3PL provider?

Download our free e-guide to learn how a 3PL like Worldwide Express can help take the stress out of your business shipping.
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Choosing To Work With A 3PL

Quiz: Find Out if a 3PL Is Right for You

Take our quiz to learn about the key considerations your business should make when selecting a shipping partner.
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Doing More with Less

Excelling at Efficiency: It’s the Worldwide Way

Worldwide Express is standing by to step in and make sure your shipping operations work as efficiently as possible.
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5 Reasons Ecommerce

E-commerce: 5 Reasons To Consider a 3PL

Shipping is critical to e-commerce success. Here’s how a 3PL can give you a competitive advantage.
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Freight vs Parcel

Freight vs. parcel: Which one is right for you?

When you know the difference, choosing the right solution for your shipping becomes a breeze.
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