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Forward-Thinking Experts In The Logistics Industry

Business needs continuously change, so why would your shipping remain static?
We’ll keep your business moving in the right direction.

Use Our 3PL Solutions to Scale Your Business' Success

Your business needs dependable shipping, and your freight and small parcel shipping must adapt to keep up with your business' growth. As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, our experts know what it takes for them to work together and we've got tools to help simplify the process.

Worldwide Express has been in the logistics industry for nearly three decades and our 3PL shipping experts work with small and medium-sized businesses in nearly every industry. They research shipping industry trends, provide insight on new solutions, and introduce innovative services that empower businesses to move forward.

Our finger is on the pulse of shipping logistics so you can keep your eye on what's ahead for your business.

Scale your success with Worldwide Express

Our Innovative Shipping Experts At Worldwide Express

From the start, you’ll get devoted attention from everyone you work with. Our logistics experts will share insights they’ve gained from working with small and medium-sized businesses in all industries. We’ve developed solutions and technology to support you today and prepare you for tomorrow. Plus, we’ll bring you the benefits from the relationships we’ve built with the nation’s leading carriers.
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Forward Thinking

Our High-Performing Transportation Management System 

SpeedShip®, our proprietary TMS, will help make your shipping operations more efficient. The all-in-one shipping software simplifies shipment creation, provides greater accuracy for shipping rate quotes, and gives real-time data to help you make better shipping decisions. Plus, you’ll feel confident knowing shipping insurance can swiftly be added through SpeedShip at any time during your shipment’s transit.
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Experts In The Logistics Industry

Solve Today's Shipping Challenges and Anticipate Tomorrow's Shipping Trends

If your business is like most companies, your bottom line is affected by all sorts of changes: seasonal, economical, consumer interest – possibly more. Your freight and small parcel shipping strategies and daily operations should change right along with them. Dealing with business fluctuations is second nature to us. Here are ways we can help:

Understanding Carrier Liability Vs. Shipping Insurance

They may sound similar but making the wrong decision between carrier liability and shipping insurance can bottom out your bottom line. We’ll explain the difference between the two and guide you on when one is enough or the other might help save the day. 
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Filing Shipping Claims And Handling Disputes

No one wants to think about filing a claim when preparing a shipment. But that’s when it should be top of mind. Your local expert will show you how to protect your goods, even before pickup. And if a shipping claim is needed, we’ll walk you through the process and be on hand when you communicate with the carrier.
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Forward Thinking Experts

Maneuvering Through The Carrier Capacity Crunch

Driver shortages and increased online shopping are making it difficult to find carriers to ship your goods. Take advantage of our wide network of shipping carriers for a greater selection of choices. Plus, we’ve got tips on how to make your small and medium-sized business more attractive to carriers.
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